Macro Photography Using Different Settings

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Re: Macro Photography Using Different Settings

Good question. JPEG Shooter has some good info for you and he is correct on many points. On point and shoot cameras, you will have the most success with macro, but using the auto/macro settings. This alters the way the lens focuses and lets it get "a little bit" closer to the subject making macro easier.

Macro photography, if you really are wanting to do it well, does require a lens with good macro capabilities. point and shoot lenses are designed, typically, to be a do it all lens...good for general photography and that is a good thing. Some are better than others with macro. I have a Sony RX100 M3 and I use the auto mode for macro as otherwise, it is very difficult to do with that camera.

Macro is listed on page 46: it looks like you can use aperture priority, which is what I would use. Select the f/stop to gain the depth of field you are wanting. Ex. f/2.8 for a shallow view OR a higher number if you want more of the subject to be in focus, ex. f/5.6, 8, 11, etc. Make sure you look at the 2nd red box I highlighted, you have to engage the macro "flower" control on the 4-way pad.

Outside of this, if the camera doesn't get close enough (high enough magnification) for you, then it's really just a limitation of the camera itself. Then either a macro type lens attachment (not sure about that one) or a camera with better macro capability would be needed if it very important to you. If not, just have fun and live with the limitation

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