Latest P800 firmware knocks out 3rd party decoder boards......

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Latest P800 firmware knocks out 3rd party decoder boards......

Latest newsletter from Inkjetmall (Cone Ink)..........

"Epson firmware update knocks out 3rd party ink cartridges!An Opinion:

A few weeks ago, I came across a report that WCPO in Cincinnati ran about Epson printer owners who were reporting that a recent Epson firmware update knocked out their printer's ability to use 3rd party ink cartridges. At about the same time, Epson owners began posting complaints online about firmware disabling use of their printers when using non-Epson brand cartridges. In many of these cases, the Epson users said that a message appeared on their computer display that their printer needed a firmware update which they clicked into. After the update their non-Epson brand cartridges could no longer be used. At that time, the updates that knock out the use of 3rd party appeared to be solely directed towards Expression Premium XP-530, XP-630, XP-640, XP-830 printers that use a 410XL type cartridge.

Now we are hearing from customers who have updated P800s and P400s and these firmware updates are knocking out their ability to use 3rd party chips. In one case, our decoder board for the P800 was rendered useless.

This type of activity is not limited to Epson. HP is facing a huge class-action lawsuit from their attempt (they backtracked and sent fixes to their customers) to render 3rd party cartridges useless. It is clear that more and more instances of this is going to happen here in the USA.

So it begs the question - why would you upgrade your firmware? If the printer is operable - there is precious little to be gained compared to what you may lose.

What can you do to prevent being locked out of your printer?

  • About the only thing you can do is to never opt into any firmware update for your printer if prompted. These messages may take the form of a dialog box when using the OEM software on your computer, or on the LCD control panel of the printer itself.
  • Further to this, when you are installing a new printer pay attention to all the windows splashing across your screen that you usually dismiss out of habit. One or more of them may be asking you if you would like to opt into important "news and updates" from the OEM. That is the invitation for you to willingly opt into firmware updates which may lock you from use of 3rd party cartridges. You should decline these.
  • When you go to the Epson site to download a driver it is awfully tempting to just click on the "Combo" package.... But that is exactly where the Opt-In is located and which you might dismiss rather than read. So, download the driver separately. Download the Utility separately.

Remember, only you can authorize Epson to knock out your continued use of 3rd party. Read carefully before you click OK or Proceed buttons...."

Bob P.

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