FZ1/FZ2 Speed & battery usage

Started Sep 15, 2003 | Discussions thread
normjackson Contributing Member • Posts: 578
Confusion says...

Hopefully AO is satisfied with the reponses: in general terms the camera is quick and the battery lasts for ages.

Forgot to congratulate you Karl on your demo.

Not sure I quite understood Panasonic Bob's response to Dave (dres). I hardly think he is confusing noise reduction with speed of focussing. Then again maybe he deserves a slapped wrist for mentioning a gripe about the FZ1 that AO hadn't already mentioned

Actually, I'm getting a bit confused now. This thread brings home to me that I don't really understand the relationship between the CCD, what the viewfinder shows and what the final picture will be eg. I was wondering Karl, even if the night portrait mode with flash down always uses f6.5 for picture taking, does it necessarily follow from that that this is the setting used on the camera for viewing and focussing?

Then went back to confusion about why in different modes there are differences in what you can achieve as the minimum focussing distance (in night portrait mode with the flash down it is apparently 5m!), but not if you do the focussing in another mode (eg. macro) then return to it. Seems so illogical. Time for a coffee and perhaps a post to the "Newbies" forum at Stevesforums...

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