Gold award and glowing review of Sony A7III on DPR

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Re: Gold award and glowing review of Sony A7III on DPR

Clyde Thomas wrote:

techjedi wrote:

No. There is only SteadyShot On and SteadyShot Off. The lens switch turns the entire SteadyShot system off, lens and body together.

Yes I know this.

The switch is a lot like the AF/MF switch on the lens.

I own the lens.

It just turns AF completely off or when "on" it defers to the body setting.

I'm talking about OIS, and it doesn't work similar to the AF/MF switch because the OIS switch doesn't defer to the body setting when turned on.

The body has its own menu settings for AF/MF toggle but the lens switch overrides it.

Not what I'm talking about.

Similarly, if you switch off stabilization at the lens switch, it disables all stabilization, including the body.

No need for separate switch on lens then.

You cannot selectively disable only lens or only body stabilization on the e-mount bodies.

Thus, no need for separate switch on lens.

Its the way it works. If you don't trust how Sony says the system is built, why are you using any Sony products?

I use certain Sony products because they have certain features that I value, regardless if I trust them or not.

I believe that one consistent control for the entire system on/off is better than inconsistencies between lenses. That's what this discussion is about for me here.

Its a convenience just like the AF/MF switch on a lens disables AF/MF completely regardless of the AF setting on the camera.

It's an inconsistent inconvenience for me.

If you find the inconsistency convenient, then I'm pleased.

Its not a rumor, its their published documentation about how their system works.

Wrong rumor. I'm talking about the rumor that claims OIS is more affective for longer lenses than IBIS. I haven't found that to be the case in my experience.

You can certainly say one setup is more effective than the other,

Thank you.

but are you really saying that Sony is lying about how their SteadyShot system works on e-mount systems?

If I wanted to say that, then I would say that.

You re the first person I have heard to have doubts that it works the way it is documented to work.

Please don't ask if that's what I'm really saying, and then claim that's what I really said. Give me a chance to answer the first question before making the next accusation. Please.

Clearly I have stumbled into a sensitive area that was not intended. I only sought to clear up any misconceptions about how e-mount OSS works. I was not making any statements about what systems work better or worse than others. Given that you thought I was being negative to you in some way, I will just move on from this. Take care.

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