Gold award and glowing review of Sony A7III on DPR

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Re: Gold award and glowing review of Sony A7III on DPR

Clyde Thomas wrote:

techjedi wrote:

What do you mean by "separate switches for OIS"?

OIS is on the lens, controlled on or off only by the switch on the lens. IBIS is controlled on/off by the body. Since I don't get to decide when or how they work together, or not, then they should all be controlled by the body switch. No lens switch is needed.

My 18-105 and 10-18 also have OIS, but no on/off switch on the lens. They are controlled by the body. The 70-200GM should be the same. It doesn't need a switch for a special control.

No. There is only SteadyShot On and SteadyShot Off. The lens switch turns the entire SteadyShot system off, lens and body together. The switch is a lot like the AF/MF switch on the lens. It just turns AF completely off or when "on" it defers to the body setting. The body has its own menu settings for AF/MF toggle but the lens switch overrides it. Similarly, if you switch off stabilization at the lens switch, it disables all stabilization, including the body. You cannot selectively disable only lens or only body stabilization on the e-mount bodies.

At least for native E-mount lenses, there is only one SteadyShot system on the e-mount cameras. IBIS works *with* OSS, not instead of.

Yes this is true, as far as Sony tells us.

Its the way it works. If you don't trust how Sony says the system is built, why are you using any Sony products?

Using the menu *or* the lens switch will disable the entire OSS system, both in-body and in-lens together. You cannot selectively disable/enable OSS or IBIS.

Point is that the lens switch isn't needed at all since I have no choice. They should all be handled by same control in the body. But when a lens has the control, the body control is disabled. I don't like inconsistent controls, especially when there is no reason for it.

Its a convenience just like the AF/MF switch on a lens disables AF/MF completely regardless of the AF setting on the camera.

When Both OSS and IBIS are present, the camera handles Roll, X, Y axes and the lens OSS handles Pitch/Yaw. When only IBIS is present, all 5 axes are handled by the body. Note that all native E-mount lenses equal or longer than 90mm have OSS because the in-body stabilization becomes less effective around that focal length.

So the rumor goes. But I get better stabilization from identical AMount setup with no OIS. And I don't notice any stabilization difference between GM70-200 or an adapted AMount 70-200 only using the a7RIII IBIS.

Its not a rumor, its their published documentation about how their system works. You can certainly say one setup is more effective than the other, but are you really saying that Sony is lying about how their SteadyShot system works on e-mount systems? You re the first person I have heard to have doubts that it works the way it is documented to work.

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