Gold award and glowing review of Sony A7III on DPR

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Re: Gold award and glowing review of Sony A7III on DPR

techjedi wrote:

What do you mean by "separate switches for OIS"?

OIS is on the lens, controlled on or off only by the switch on the lens.  IBIS is controlled on/off by the body.  Since I don't get to decide when or how they work together, or not, then they should all be controlled by the body switch.  No lens switch is needed.

My 18-105 and 10-18 also have OIS, but no on/off switch on the lens.  They are controlled by the body.  The 70-200GM should be the same.  It doesn't need a switch for a special control.

At least for native E-mount lenses, there is only one SteadyShot system on the e-mount cameras. IBIS works *with* OSS, not instead of.

Yes this is true, as far as Sony tells us.

Using the menu *or* the lens switch will disable the entire OSS system, both in-body and in-lens together. You cannot selectively disable/enable OSS or IBIS.

Point is that the lens switch isn't needed at all since I have no choice.  They should all be handled by same control in the body.  But when a lens has the control, the body control is disabled.  I don't like inconsistent controls, especially when there is no reason for it.

When Both OSS and IBIS are present, the camera handles Roll, X, Y axes and the lens OSS handles Pitch/Yaw. When only IBIS is present, all 5 axes are handled by the body. Note that all native E-mount lenses equal or longer than 90mm have OSS because the in-body stabilization becomes less effective around that focal length.

So the rumor goes.  But I get better stabilization from identical AMount setup with no OIS.  And I don't notice any stabilization difference between GM70-200 or an adapted AMount 70-200 only using the a7RIII IBIS.

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