Mandatory Noise Reduction (NR) in Various Pentax Cameras

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Re: Mandatory Noise Reduction (NR) in Various Pentax Cameras

Iliah Borg wrote:

bclaff wrote:

At PhotonsToPhotos I detect signal processing, usually Noise Reduction (NR), using 2D Fourier Transforms (2D FTs).
This mosaic illustrates the whole stop results for the K-1 II:

The first three stops are mostly random and indicate little or no signal processing; all other higher ISO settings show significant NR.


If you still have K-1 original shots, could you compare the level of banding (first 3 stops, vertical line on FTs) between K-1 and K-1 II?

Here you go:

K-1 is much cleaner (ISOs are in the same locates as the K-1 II image)

However, I wouldn't interpret the slight vertical line as banding; this could easily be a small gradient accentuated by the FT wrapping.


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