GX80 grip with battery hole now available

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Re: GX80 grip with battery hole now available

SteveY80 wrote:

That definitely looks better than the official Panasonic grip.

Has anyone actually tried it on the GX9 yet?

I'm curious how much modification would be needed to accommodate the different battery door?

I'm planning to get a GX9 at some point and would certainty be interested in a compatible grip.

I have attached some pictures showing the battery doors on the GX85 and the GX9. Notice that the door hinge is also placed differently.

If you are competent in 3D modelling, or know a friend who is, you could also get the CAD/STL files here, and make the necessary changes for the GX9.

It seems that the GX9, besides the different battery door, also has a slightly different shape (smaller bezels).

GX80/GX85 bottom view

GX9 bottom view

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