Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

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Re: Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

sullivanrp wrote:

Everyone has different shooting styles, everyone likes different lenses - that aside I want to hear what some people are using out there or would use in my situation.

Heading to Prague, Budapest, Vienna this summer (2 week trip). Not a photography based trip (won't be chasing golden hours, don't want to carry ALL my gear) - but a romantic trip. Expecting most days to be walking around the cities, aside from a wine tour in austria in the countryside. Likely will not be returning to our hotel room/airbnb throughout the day. This means whatever I leave with in the morning I am carrying on my shoulder/back the entire day, potentially.

Gear I have:

A7R III | 16-35mm f4 | Rokinon 35mm 1.4 | FE 85mm 1.8 | Pre-ordered tamron 28-75

My thoughts so far: Pretty much ruled out the 85mm because its too niche and would only likely be used for portraits or scenic views, aka carrying dead weight around. The 35 1.4 can achieve the portraits I'd want while still being a friendly street photography/normal field of view walk around. Love the 1.4 look. The 16-35 would basically take all the interior/architecture shots any place we visit. 28-75 general use for anything really, compromises on wide end, but decently light and covers a lot.

Any tips/advice from someone who has been to these cities or travels a lot given my options? A Fuji x100 is on my mind as well just to say screw it, don't carry multiple lenses, and have a pocketable camera.

I mostly agree with you:go with the 16-35, tamron and 35 1.4.if you have the tamron the 85 would become redundant.the 35 1.4 gives you the aperture you need to shoot in need wider than 28 in those narrow european streets. Forget the fuji, it's not truly pocketable, you would give up too much for little gain in terms of portability compared to your sony with only only the 35 attached

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