Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

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Re: Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

sullivanrp wrote:

PeterY wrote:

3. X100F - renting this to test it out this weekend. Smaller than the sony+28 combo, no changing lenses, won't probably notice the weight compared to #1 when walking around all day. And let's be honest, it's got the aesthetic advantage too. But we will see how I actually like the performance and handling.

Just warning you're not gonna wanna give this thing back! Get the 28mm converter and you're all set!

Have you used it a lot, both with and without the converter? The converter definitely intrigues me, as I find my preferred FL always seems to be between 28-35 for walk-around.

No I haven't yet. Just got the converter about a week ago and the camera a couple of weeks ago. Been out a couple of times but nothing serious. I also got the 50mm converter as well for the upcoming trip in the summer. The wide converter is still relatively compact but the tele is a honking big lens for such a small body. They both work well with no loss of IQ what so ever.

For a trip I think the X100F and the wide converter is all you need. Don't forget also that the X100F has a fantastic digital zoom albeit only in jpg. The 50mm digital zoom has no loss of quality but the one after that has a slight loss.

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