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Re: Maybe changing to Pentax

Welcome to the KP.

Truth be told, that while I use my primes with it, my go to lens for the KP is my 20-40 mm Limited, especially when traveling. The additional focus points over the other Pentax cameras excepting the K-3 series and K-1 is a welcome feature for me. It comes to work with me quite often since, i'm on the road a lot during the day visiting project sites.

Many of my images with it lately have been with manual lenses lately since I've been on a manual lens kick. Feel free to check out my images on Flickr photostream (screen name Bills_Images) ost are fora  photo a day challenge I've been doing. The live view is great for manual focusing and i purchased the magnifying eye cup for when I wanted a more traditional ergonomics with the manual lenses.

Pluses for me are it's small, compact, and WR . When using the smallest grip it's down right tiny and handles small primes and the 20-40 well. I prefer the tilt screen over a fully articulated screen because I do a lot of down low shots and it's easier for me to get everything lined up properly.  The controls are laid out so it's similar to the K-1 with the third control wheel, which i did not use much at first but have come to really use often. High iso abilities: I can push this camera a bit further than either my K-5 or K-S2. I realize I left out image quality which is great as well.

I have all three grips since mine came with them all. The only time I use the large grip is when I use the battery grip and also when forget to take it off afterwards. I really only use the battery grip when I have the Pentax 150-450 on the KP. About the grip size, its a small camera and was designed that way. I use point and shoots for work and am used to smaller cameras and prefer the small size because it's easy to get in bag with a lot of other gear. It also forces me to hold the camera with  2 hands to hold it like when I used my old film cameras.

Minuses for me: it does not have the burst rate of my old K-5. The battery is not an issue for me, as i have used small mirrorless cameras and my GR2 which do not have great battery life and just take a few batteries with me when out and about.

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Regards, Bill

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