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Westmill wrote:

larswright wrote:

Looking for some advice/suggestions from people who own this lens.

I just purchased a copy and while it's pretty sharp i'm finding a couple of downsides/quirks mostly around autofocus.

First off, the focus shift is pronounced. I didn't even know this was a thing until I was consistently getting photos out of focus in different ways depending on the aperature. I've since noticed that the lens I got with my D850 is pretty much perfectly spot on at 2.8. At 1.8 it front focuses by 6 (on nikon's AF fine tune scale) and at f4 it back focuses by about 2-3. I was hoping to compensate for this by assigning AF-Fine tune ON/OFF to a button on the nikon but that seems to not be available as a function. Tamron's tap-in console also does not allow for AF tuning based on aperature values. I'm curious how owners have gotten around the focus shift issues and become comfortable with nailing focus with this lens.

Secondly, the lens seems not to be made for any type of action. It fails miserably to keep up to a running dog. This is fine and not necessarily unexpected since it's a portrait lens but in case someone is hoping to do more with it in a pinch they should be aware.

Finally, the lens does seem to be consistent with focus and relatively accurate for static subjects (minus the focus shift issues).

To be honest... all of the 85mm lenses suffer from focus shift. The only one that does not is the Nikon 85mm f1.8 D. Which is why I used the old Nikon until rather recently. I’ve now settled for the Tammy 90 macro which is superb and has no such problems.

It still suffers from a little, luckily it "just'" remains within the depth of field"!

See their review on optical limits!

Ive read it... there is no focus shift with the 85mm f1.8 D !

I think you looked at the G version.

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