Coming from Canon: MC-11 or Metabones V?

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Re: Coming from Canon: MC-11 or Metabones V?

There is no animosity towards legitimate criticism. Your criticisms are not legitimate, because you have no facts or experience to base them on.

You keep saying there is no way Canon glass can perform as well on Sony bodies. That is categorically false. For starters no Canon DSLR has Eye-AF. Secondly DSLRs are notorious for AF alignment issues- hence the inclusion of micro AF adjust on high end bodies. No such issues on Sony bodies. If anything Canon glass focuses BETTER on Sony bodies as the focusing plane is the image plane.

The only aspect Canon bodies do better with Canon glass is in continuous tracking, and even then the A9 matches Canon there too.

It would be one thing if you were ill-informed and still somehow arrived at an opinion that jived with reality. But you didn't. And then when called on that, you claim you are being "attacked". The whole thing is ridiculous.

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