5d mark iv - inconsistence focus problems - HELP

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5d mark iv - inconsistence focus problems - HELP

I'm a wedding photographer and Just bought a used 5d mark iv from a friend who upgraded to sony a7r3.

i have another 2* 6d mk1 bodies. and shoot with 24-70 and 70-200 tamron mainly

As long as shoot with my 50 mm f/1.8 STM lens focus seems to be fine and consistent and i can even shoot wedding guests portraits at 1.8 on AI servo and it's just fine.

But when use my 7-month-old mint Tamron 70-200 2.8 g1 with the mark IV sometime the camera won't even focus at 70 mm for example.

the camera would let you shoot as if the AF is locked but no focus activity and picture is out of focus completely.

when close it to 135 mm the focus start to work and seems ok.

i made a test with the 70-200 on a tripod and changed only the bosy- from mark IV to the 6D.

with my 6D the 70-200 focused just right at 70mm.

with the mark4 at 70mm it didn't search any focus, let me take a picture as if the af is locked and offcourse the picture was completly out of focus.

the guy who sold it to me who is a friend and take responsibility for faults if there are with the camera did told me he had error 40 on that camera, and that he used crop lens on that camera for some time (i know. stupidity. didn't knew before i bought it..)

i broguht it to lab twice and now they try to figure out the problem, they saw my test on video but when they tried it - it worked fine.

thank you for your opinions

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