A cheap, but good, softbox!

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Tord S Eriksson
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A cheap, but good, softbox!

Fotobestway Softbox Magic Square 40 x 40

Fotobestway Softbox Magic Square 40 x 40 is a small (a little over a foot), rugged, foldable softbox with double soft screens inside so the light can be moderated to become very soft, and even. It has a quality feeling to it, which not all cheap softboxes have.

Nothing really magic about it (but its name!), but Fotobestway seems to make well-designed items, at least this is (Fotobestway is a Chinese company that makes a lot of studio stuff).

I have another, similar, softbox, also made by a Chinese company, but what struck me was that this is much better engineered, and it even comes in a small, padded bag, while the other I have are not nearly as rugged as this one (it is already falling to pieces), and yet this one folds away into a very small package. If you disassemble the double flash bracket (seen in the photo above) and fold the softbox up like you do with most reflective screens (you know that magic twist!), you can put it in the tiny, supplied, bag (about 6" across) — not bigger than a jacket pocket, in fact much smaller than the supplied, outer, padded, bag.

I normally use my various sized softboxes to modulate and direct the light from my LED lamps (like this one, or various from IKEA), not so often with my flashes, but naturally, it works great with flashes as well! The softbox's bracket (which can be easily disassembled with the supplied Allen wrench) has two adjustable flash brackets (seen in the photo above), which locks the flashes very securely (designed very similar to an Arca-Swiss style tripod head, thus there is nil chance for the flash's foot to slip out). The bracket's foot (which attaches to a light stand the normal way) is also much better designed than most such brackets I have come across are.

So to conclude, well designed, and very affordable!

Bought mine at ScandinavianPhoto.se for 525 Swedish kronor, around $65.

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