200-500mm owners, what aperture do you use most frequently?

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Re: 200-500mm owners, what aperture do you use most frequently?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

RoyAmatore wrote:

The OP's question is what aperture do you most often feel is needed for the shot--with this lens to maximize sharpness.

Have you understood the question?

It includes "f11 definitely looks like the sweet spot (assuming strong light) but does that hold true in real-world situations, or is it just one of those "in theory" things? I would be very interested to hear from anyone that has tried it."

The differences between f5 and f11 (with f16 close) at the test target size are so small as to be overshadowed by other factors unless technique is absolutely perfect.

Perfect technique may require a substantial tripod and no subject movement to get close to a lab condition MTF.

When perfect technique is not practicable (which can be often, especially when hand holding) you loose resolution but often will still achieve a very good image.

You could at least answer it if you're going to pontificate.

Perhaps the poster you are referring to did answer the question

You may not appreciate the posters comment, but it is still valid.

I too, like the poster, sometimes use f16 but on a good tripod to help keep resolution high.

Perhaps I missed the answer.  I too always and in every case try to use the best aperture for the shot regardless of scene or circumstance.  The statement is a truism.  But to answer the OP, I most often use f/7.1 because I believe it gives me a bit more sharpness and the hit on shutter speed is not too severe.  Maybe this is just in my head judging from the charts.

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