PRO-100: Roller Marks on all Glossy paper?

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PRO-100: Roller Marks on all Glossy paper?

I’ve been noticing an issue on every single one of my glossy prints where no matter what brand of glossy paper I use, including Canon Plus Glossy II and RR UltraPro Gloss, I will get parallel dotted lines up and down my print from the metal rollers of my Pro-100 in the same direction the paper exits.

This seems like it’s something that should never happen as those front rollers shouldn’t damage the print coming out of the printer. Why are they made of metal anyway??

It’s these tiny gear-like metal rollers that damage the paper as it comes out of the printer. The paper exits right above those rubber wheels and right below the metal rollers.

It’s not noticeable on any other type of paper including luster and semi-gloss, as far as I can tell. But it happens every time I use glossy paper, and it’s there even when I enable “Prevent Paper Abrasion.”

Here are some examples. They don’t show well on photos at all. The lines are more numerous to the naked eye.

This one demonstrates it a little better.

Is this normal for glossy papers?

Has anyone experienced this with their Pro-100 or other printer? Were you able to do anything about it to decrease or eliminate this symptom?

Thank you all!

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