Travel Set-Up - A7R III + what lenses

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Pack light: one or two lenses--and a cell phone

sullivanrp wrote:

Not a photography based trip . . . but a romantic trip.

The author of the post linked below suggests that there are really two types of photographs that you might be interested in making on your outing--a “romantic” trip that is not designed to be "photography based":

  • Capturing a memory
  • Creative work

Almost of the images that you'll bring back will be in the first category, and—since you’ll likely view those images on screen and never consider turning them into large prints—those memories could be saved with a lightweight camera like the RX100 V--or the cell phone that you'll likely be carrying. Because artistic expression doesn't require you to cover myriad focal lengths or be ready for any and all photographic opportunities, one or two favorite lenses should suffice for the second category of images without turning your planned romantic adventure into a rather less romantic, gear-laden photo safari.

As for me: I’d take my A7R III and only a 25mm and a 55mm lens (or perhaps, instead, the Voigtlander 65mm that I'd like to try) along with the RX100--and expect that the tiny camera would (in lieu of a cell phone) get most of the work. Since you are considering the Fuji, you might be happy with just the RX7 III and 35--plus your cell phone.

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