Alternatives to Zoner Photo Studio?

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Re: Alternatives to Zoner Photo Studio?

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Of course, if you've already got a licensed version of ZPS 18, you can just keep on using that. Haven't seen anything to suggest that ZPS 18 is going to stop working & force you to either upgrade or switch to something different. Just ignore the nagging upgrade messages...


This works until I buy a new camera and need new RAW profiles.

I beleive Zoner uses the Adobe RAW engine, so if Adobe supports the camera you should be OK too

Yes - that's correct. If you have Adobe's free DNG Converter installed and tell ZPS where to find it (in the Preferences), ZPS will use the raw engine in the DNG Converter if it doesn't support the camera natively.

I just tested this in ZPS16 with a raw file from the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II that I downloaded. ZPS16 doesn't support this camera natively and, as expected, wouldn't load the CR2 file. However, when I pointed the program to the location of the DNG Converter it loaded OK, if a little slowly.

Another method to continue using older versions of ZPS with new cameras is to just relegate ZPS to an image organiser role and install another program (such as Raw Therapee) as a 'Helper Program' to process the raw file.



Yes, but that´s the point. Adobe DBG is dammed slow if you just use the wrapper and DNG or others as a helper Program. Zoner already can read the rawfile, but it stops doing that if there is no definition of the cam in the File C:\Program Files\Zoner\Photo Studio 18\Resources\cameras.xml  and camerainfo.xml That´s all !

Here is my setting for the X-T2 :

"<Camera make="FUJIFILM" model="X-T2" width="6160" height="4032"> <ColorMatrix1 illuminant="17">1.3390,-0.7310,0.0216,-0.3983,1.1994,0.2238,-0.0435,0.1035,0.6328</ColorMatrix1> <ColorMatrix2 illuminant="21">1.1434,-0.4948,-0.1210,-0.3746,1.2042,0.1903,-0.0666,0.1479,0.5235</ColorMatrix2> <Crop left="16" top="16" width="6000" height="4000"/> <ActiveArea top="1" left="0" bottom="4032" right="6032"/> <Sensor CFA="FUJIX0" black="1024" white="16383" greensplit="0"/> <Baseline exposure="0.15" shadowscale="1.00"/> </Camera>"

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