A7iii (Sony mirrorless in general) artifacts in EVF

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Re: A7iii (Sony mirrorless in general) artifacts in EVF

Ken Ross wrote:

I've noticed this when shooting stills with my A7iii and prior A7Rii. The EVF shows artifacts that are not present when shooting video. The image in the EVF is clean and artifact-free in video mode, but when switching to stills mode, artifacts show up as rainbows around fine detail or edges on certain objects. This isn't related to zebras or any focus/exposure assist.

I have a GH5 and I don't see this same issue with it. I've always wondered why this is.

My theory here is that in video mode, the camera is previewing at the shutter speed of the video which is usually 1/50 or 1/60 in default modes. This is usually "slow enough" that the sensor gain does not need to be greatly increased to show you a normal exposure.

However, in stills mode, the EVF in Display Quality=High is 120hz, or updating at 120 times per second. Lets say that roughly 1/120. So there is half as much light captured to "preview" in the EVF/LCD, so more gain is applied on the sensor to make it visible and thus more noise artifacts are visible.

To test this theory, can you reduce the Display Quality to Standard and see if the difference between video is as pronounced?

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