Canon 80D with a Tamron 150-600 and which teleconverter?

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Re: Canon 80D with a Tamron 150-600 and which teleconverter?

Digirame wrote:

Hey, I sincerely hope that the back troubles are less. I'm sorry to hear that. I have been fortunate to be reasonably healthy. Although once I do remember spraining my ankle and being not up-to-speed for about three weeks. I was trying to get closer to a heron and the mud & slippery slope won. That was when I was using my Olympus DSLR equipment. But I did save the camera and telephoto lens from damage, other than a little bit of mud. We gotta to sacrifice the body to take care of that gear.

Thanks Digi'.

I know what you mean about enjoying photography just for the sake of photography itself (and not always constantly chasing after that last bit of IQ).  And if/when circumstances ever were to relegate me to only using a P&S superzoom, you can bet I'll still be out there with something like an SX50 still taking my pictures (alongside all the other photographers!).

But a person's output requirements still dictate the level of equipment needed to obtain their desired results.  For some, it's not so stringent.  For others, nothing short of a Great White on a top-tier body is sufficient.  Unfortunately for the rest of us the decision really becomes much harder IMHO!

And that's where these forums help so much.  Combine these discussions with reviews, samples, and actual first-hand trials, and away we go!  Note: I know you are keenly aware of all this Digi', and my advice is really pointed toward the OP.  

I keep pondering when I should upgrade, but everything works fairly well with what I have even though they are old (in technology age so-to-speak).

You'll know when you have to upgrade.  The birds will (seem to) start moving faster, or staying further away, or coming out only at sundown, or you'll get a huge new 4K OLED panel, or folks will want gigantic prints... See what I mean?  Turn on that GAS!!!

Happy shooting friend!


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