Astrophotography - Sony A7 III affected by the “star eater” issue?

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Re: Astrophotography - Sony A7 III affected by the “star eater” issue?

Navman wrote:

RoyalMorgan wrote:

I m considering to buy the a7 III, and I ve read about this “star eater” issue

is it true ? Someone have tried Astrophotography with this camera?


I'e not seen any tests yet, but given Sony's stance on spatial filtering, which has seen it imposed as an unavoidable feature on the A9 and A7RIII, despite wide user protests, I would be very surprised if its not also a feature here. I would keep an eye on Jim Kasson's site ( where he has done some preliminary testing that shows some spatial filtering on the A7III, although he has not specifically tested it with longer exposures. Perhaps you might be best to wait to see what the promised mirrorless cameras from Canikon have on offer...

I haven't posted the data yet, because of some details that need to be worked out, but there is still spatial filtering increasing at 4 seconds and above.

Some rolloff at ISO 1000 3.2 seconds

More rolloff at ISo 1000 4 seconds


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