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Re: dual card memory slot

stan096 wrote:


when the main card is full XQD, do you put 2 new cards (1 SD + 1 XQD) or do you just change the XQD card and use the same SD card (and format it) to save on cost?

That renders the concept of backup moot. You're not going to always know out in the field if your main card has corrupted a file. You usually find out when you're trying to copy it later. That's when the value of a back-up copy of the image kicks in.

If you care about back up, swap both cards at the same time. Don't format either card until you've verified that the images on the main card are okay (copied to your computer or other storage device).


Edit: this assumes that both cards are the same capacity. I have never in the 10+ years that I've had dual-slot cameras had different capacity cards in them.

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