The Mighty 16 is Gone!

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Re: Great News!

Greg7579 wrote:

Teresa said (this just happened guys):

"You were in a bad mood for two days over that stupid lens and thus put me in a bad mood. You are an idiot. You told me you looked in the trunk four times! I was going to buy you that stupid 16 or whatever you call it just to shut you up when we got to Madrid. I'm tired of you talking about The Mighty 16. What is so Mighty about it? I'll tell you what is mighty. You are a Mighty Nincompoop!"

Here's the thing guys.... What if I had got to Madrid, bought the new 16 and then found the lens in the trunk at Hertz turn-in? What would I have done? Hide the old 16 from Teresa or tell her I now have two 16s?

Hmmmmmm. A moral dilemma.... Glad it was avoided.

What is a nincompoop?

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

Immediately set aside the money that would have gone to re-buying the 16.

Immediately.  You would have re-bought it.  Everybody knows that.

With those funds, get something nice for Teresa.

Do it as soon as you can.

For all you've put her through (this time as well in the past, I'm sure), she deserves it.

[This is coming from me, a person also with a wife who's been so impossibly good to me all the time.]

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