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kytn wrote:

Years ago, I had a Minolta system. When it was absorbed by Sony, I switched to Nikon. I'm thinking of downsizing, and looking at the KP. My favorite lens with the Minolta was a 24mm prime. With my Nikon I have 2 heavy lens, the F2.8 17-55dx, also the 105 2.8. Very fine lenses, but a chore to lug. I also use the Nikon 50mm 1.4 as is sharp, and not huge. There is really not a Nikon lens for 24mm with the 1.5 crop factor. Stuck with the 10-20 zoom, or my 17-55 to cover that range. So was looking at the KP as Pentax has a 16mm prime lens, as well as other primes that look great.

I mostly shoot landscapes, my wife's horses, barn photos, some low light. No macro, not much action. I had already sold my Nikon D300, and only have the D80 left. Was thinking of upgrading to the D7200, but still stuck with the size issue. And not really any good wide angle prime. I have several older Nikon lenses that need the screw, so the D7500 is out.

I looked at the Sony mirrorless, but the lenses are pricey.

Anyway, wondering how the Pentax KP users are enjoying their camera.

If you are looking for a smaller size the a K-70 or KP are good choices.  I have had the KP for over a year now, in addition to my K-3 and K-01, and am very happy with it and the results I get.  In fact since I got it over 90% of the photos that I have taken have been with it, at the expense of my other cameras.

The DA Ltd lenses (15, 21, 35 Macro, 40, 70 & 20-40) are all compact and give good results.  The DA 16-85 is a good standard zoom although it is a bit larger.  The DA 55-300 gets good reviews, I do not have that version of the lens but do have an older version.



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