The Mighty 16 is Gone!

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Re: The 16 Has Reappeared

Greg7579 wrote:


I am deeply embarrassed to say this but I have no choice. It would be dishonest to not tell you I have the 16 and have had it all along (and didn't know it).

This morning I was loading the trunk of the big Audi sedan (my rental car) in Cordoba to make the 3 hour drive to Jerez de la Frontera. Even though I had of course searched the trunk several times long before starting this thread, I found it hidden in a niche in there.

It could easily have never been found until someone had a flat. The lens was in a black lens pouch, and had somehow rolled into a niche below the floor of the trunk and blended in perfectly with the slots in the floor. I literally almost missed it again but felt it with my hand.

I found the Mighty 16 in a hidden niche in the trunk, and I think my good friend who had traveled with us the first two weeks of the trip was playing around with the spare tire kit or looked in there or something, and some of my camera gear spilled in there because all our stuff was crammed in back there.

With the 16 in that niche was a spare Watson battery and the remote trigger that had somehow fallen in there with the lens.

I don't know how it happened, and could have easily gone two more weeks in the car and never have found it.

I needed that 16 in Cordoba because F1.4 with IBIS would have been nice to have hand-held in the dark areas of that world-class site.

Sorry guys. I'm glad I got my lens back, but am really embarrassed. Teresa thinks I'm an idiot. But I found the lens.

It was bizarre. I knew there was no way I left the 16 laying anywhere on a lens change.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

Really glad it showed up.  As far as Teresa's opinion on all this... well, I'm guessing that you're beating yourself up enough over this without any further abuse being necessary or even appropriate from the rest of us.  I'm afraid virtually every person reading this post has a similar story to share.

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