BIFs Incoming, Birds Sitting Pretty, Gator & Other Stuff (4/26)

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BIFs Incoming, Birds Sitting Pretty, Gator & Other Stuff (4/26)

The next in my wildlife and bird posts, to keep things rolling along...I'm still stuck with some additional shots from that very busy March 17th, and also adding some shots from the following weekend, on March try to stay somewhat close to a month behind.  First, we have some more BIFs - notably this time the big wood storks flying all about as they had really started to take over the wetlands by mid-March with hundreds of nests.  Some cattle egrets in flight are also mixed in, and then we get to the non-flying birds and other swampy stuff...either the big nesting wading birds or babies, or some smaller birds found in the shady forest areas that posed nicely.

All shots taken with the A6300 and FE100-400mm GM combo as usual, and all are posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

A wood stork, high up in the blue sky, banking around to get on the landing line, slowing and gear coming down

Coming at you, gear down and on final approach to land

A yellow-rumped warbler working his way up a branch - gotta time these guys as they move into the small gaps in the leaves and branches as you only get a second or two that they're not blocked by something!

Meanwhile, back out on the open water, this wood stork was down low, flying past the boardwalk with a stick in his bill to fortify the nest

This is what a wet wood stork looks like from less than 10 feet away - shooting at only 150mm, no cropping, and having to shoot over the head of another woodie that was facing the other direction (note: there are hundreds of wood storks covering every inch of these trees)

A pretty cattle egret spread-wing angel-style as he comes in to land - all his mating colors turned up full

Another big wood stork, flying almost directly overhead with his stick - you have to be careful where you stand when they eject the waste from the flight's sanitary system!

This is what newborn wood storks look like, still with bits of shell stuck to them.  They start out just a few inches long, mostly head, and grow incredibly fast

A tricolor heron, standing in shallow water and waterplants, taking a break from the stresses of mating season

A backlit palm warbler, showing off the full male colors with the rusty red cap - we don't often get to see our palm warblers with this full color display with the strong yellows and the rust cap

A gator, up on the dry shore having a rest.  We were in drought at the time, so the waters were several feet lower than normal - this beach he was lying on in late March is now completely under water after our April rains have come in heavy

Grey catbirds love to make their strange little cat-like noises when you can't see them, then when they get caught out in the open like this one deep in the forest, they go very still and quiet...waiting for you to move on.  Nice for a photographer, as they'll sit very still for you!

A red-winged blackbird male, perched atop a pond apple branch out in the wetlands - a nice green backdrop of endless reeds

A red-shouldered hawk juvenile, refusing to face my way as he sits in his high dead tree lookout...Since he only wanted to give me his back, and I could only get one other angle on him to the right, I walked along to see what the other angle might give

Now I was shooting into the sun, and with a more cloudy background...I just had a peek of the hawk right in between the slot between dead limbs on the tree, and more of a profile shot this time.  Best he was going to give me!

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always.

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