What do you mean by fuji having better colors?

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Re: What do you mean by fuji having better colors?

JayPhizzt wrote:

Blue Swan Media wrote:

I shot full frame Nikon for several years, built my wedding business with it. Loved the Nikon system except for the colors, I was constantly trying or creating new presets. I realized all of my favorite presets REDUCED the amount of color in the image in some way.

Went 50/50 with Fuji for 2016 (XPro2/D750) then went all Fuji in October of that year. Now, I almost NEVER even have to touch the HSL sliders. I use JPEGs even for pro stuff very often and they look great. The skintones are just perfect out of the camera, and I often find myself cranking UP the color.

Sometimes though I miss the look of a larger sensor for portraits, so I rented Nikon and GFX kits for certain gigs last year to supplement Fuji. Thought OK this year I’ll buy something, so I picked up Sony a7iii....phenomenal camera, but it’s going back. Why? I have to spend lots of time jacking around with the colors to get it to look even halfway decent. I did a portrait session comparing my a7iii and the Fuji, and while Sony definitely has better IQ if you pixel peep, Fuji looks amazing right out of camera and even after 20 minutes with a single photo I can’t get Sony to look as good.

So now I’m saving for GFX, only way to get large sensor with Fuji colors plus on top of that it’s the best IQ of all for nerd photographers (clients don’t care, they love X-system images just fine).

I've never really noticed much of a different "look" between different sensor sizes. Most of the IQ lies in the lens anyway. The X-trans CFA might of course have a certain impact on IQ and you need to use the right software to get the most out of the RAW files. The only software I've used so far that does a perfect job with them is RawTherapee. Apply some standard RL deconvolution sharpening on them and they just look sooo sharp and detailed, if you've used a good lens of course However with Fuji that's quite likely since their lenses are generally great

I really wish all softwares would use the same demosaicing as RawTherapee :/

Just read the reviews. The X-H1 got a good review from Dp. Look at what is at the top of their list of pluses. The first amendment gives your right to your option. Mine is Fuji be have good color. If you like grass flavored ice-cream, who am I to say.

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