RAF to Tiff conversion artifacts

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RAF to Tiff conversion artifacts

I was editing some astrophotography shots I took with my brand new X-T20, it's a bunch of Raf and stacking them with Sequator, meaning the saved image in Tiff 16.

In sequator I used light pollution removal, then edited the final photo (Tiff) in LR, I saw a sort of circle in the middle of the photo.

Later , I edited the 15 Raf in Capture one using light fall-off tool to the max as well as vignetting correction, saved to Tiff 16bits, I used these Tiff in Sequator, and the results was the same in LR later. The circle was still there.

I then opened one of these Tiff in LR directly to see if it's the stacking process the culprit, I used hard settings with 100% dehaze, boosted clarity,contrast and exposure, the circle was there.

I opened the exact same  photo but as original Raf in LR, with the exact same setting as used on the Tiff...not a trace of circle whatsoever!!!

I tried with 3 other photos, and same results: with Tiff there is a ciircle but not with Raf.

So I guess it's a Raf to Tiff conversion ''bug''??

If yes what is the possible fix? Is there a Tiff codec?

Oh and I opened some random astro photos taken with nearly the same settings with my ex X-T10 last summer...same results!  But I think I didn't notice the circle back then because of summer dusty sky of Lebanon that blur a bit the circle.

The circle is a sort of whiter (as a bit brighter) pixels

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