Suggestions for moving from APSC -> Full Frame

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Suggestions for moving from APSC -> Full Frame

Hi there,

I'm planning on moving from (6500) to Full Frame (probably a7iii) over the next few months and I'm trying to decide on what glass to purchase to ease the transition. My desire to move to FF is driven by the better dynamic range, more wide angle options and extra manual controls (I'm really jealous of those Fuji shooters with all their dedicated dials )

I want to optimize my kit for landscape shooting with the ability to do the occasional family portrait or nieces/nephews running around the house type-photos.

I currently have the following APSC lenses:

Rokinon 12f2

Sony/Zeiss 24f1.8

Sony 35f1.8

Sony 50f1.8

Sony PZ 18-105

Voigtlander 40mm on a VM-E close focus adapter

Of these lenses, I use the Sony/Zeiss 24 the most by far. I also enjoy the Rokinon and the Voigtlander. The rest I'm not too thrilled by (ok the 35f1.8 is really nice but too close to the 24) and are currently being sold to go towards the new glass. I'll sell the other lenses after I get good FE replacements.

Only a year or two ago the choices for FE lenses were pretty sparse, now I find myself researching and hemming hawing for days trying to make up my mind.

Here is what I am considering so far:

Llaowa 15f2 - Looks pretty sharp, I dig the lack of distortion (compared to my Rokinon), would be close-ish to the Rokinon in FOV until I go FF where it would be wider.

Batis 18f2 - Sounds like it's super sharp and has nice 'pop'. Would fill a focal length I don't have on APSC (but also a focal-length I don't know if I need?) and would be great for landscapes on FF.

Sony GM 16-35f2.8 - I've never been a fan of zooms but I've also never owned a good zoom. I'm a little wary of f2.8 If I plan to use it indoors at 35 but would probably be almost as good as the Batis on the wide end.

Loxia 21f2.8 - I hear this is super sharp with pop. I don't know if it would be as useful as the 15 or 18 for landscape and I probably want autofocus lenses for anything other than landscapes.

Zeiss Distagon 35f1.4 - Probably great for portraits, maybe too large for travel?

Sony 28f2 - Quality sounds so-so, not sure it would be an improvement over my APSC glass

I'm also curious about the upcoming Firin 20 AF and the upcoming Sigma 35 Art lens. Is there anything else I should consider?

After I go FF I'll probably pick up the Sony 85 and something in the 55 range but those aren't ranges I use a lot so they aren't a priority.

Primarily I'm really just looking for a lens or two that would add something useful to my APSC setup and be a good point to start with building FF kit without going with cheap FF glass that will be a step down from what I'm using on my 6500.

Thanks for any advice!

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