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Re: MFT vs Mirrorless

I agree, coming from APSC to M43.

For example, Fuji 35/1.4 has the same size as PanaLeica 25/1.4 but has the bokeh potential of a full frame at 50/1.8. Interestingly, if you cropped the image of Fuji 35/1.4 into 85mm focal length, you have the similar bokeh as Olympus 45mm/1.8.

Even panasonic 20/1.7 which was my favorite lens before is beaten by EOS M 22/2 in terms of bokeh and size. (Of course, Sony's 24/1.8 is the biggest mirrorless fast 35mm equivalent so far). This EOSM combo is only beaten by X100F's classy design and ergonomics.

M43 smallest UWA lens, Oly 9-18 is almost the same size as EOS M 11-22. (Fuji counterpart is just too big for me)

The only lenses that are consistent with small size are Oly9/8, Pana 12-32, 35-100/f4, Oly 25/1.8 and my next purchase: Oly 75/1.8 ( In comparison to Fuji 90/2, Canon 135/2 ofc). The rest of the lenses are just too big, if you consider that bokeh to weight ratio.

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