Input and advice on lighting setup needed please.

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Input and advice on lighting setup needed please.

  I have a shoot scheduled where I'll be setting up a gray backdrop and lighting to take full length portraits of dance students in their costumes.  They vary in age and height, from toddler to teens.
  I'm concerned about using the classic 3 light setup due to the various heights of the kids, who will be shot 1 at a time and I'm trying to figure out how to do this so that I only have to set up the lighting one time without having to make adjustments for each individual kid as they get in front of the camera when their turn comes up.
  I'm using 3 Yongnuo YN560IV with the TX II controller.
My plan is to use a 48" octagon softbox with front diffusion as key, and one of the same on opposite side for fill.   Ideally, I want to go with either 2:1 or 3:1 ratio.  I have grids for both if necessary, but I'm not sure if I should use them or not.
I'll be shooting with either my 50mm, which is equivalent to 75mm since my Nikon is crop sensor, or using my 70-300mm set to 85mm.  I haven't decided yet which is best.
I'll also have a 32: octagon softbox as hairlight / overhead, to separate subject from background.   I also have grid for it if necessary.
In order to have sharpest image possible, I would like to shoot no wider than F11, or perhaps F8.  So I will meter my key and adjust accordingly until I get the # I want, and then will set fill 1 or 2 stops wider, but what do I set the hair light at?  Same as key, or fill, or other?
My other concern is too much fall off at the feet, lower body area and how to avoid it.
I'm very confused about how high I should set up to do this without having to continually adjust according to each child's height. 
  I have a large reflector, 54x70 I think it is, and can use this to reflect light at the lower level to fill in fall off area, but where do I put it.
If I set my lighting up using a test subject of 5ft tall, will I run into problems shooting the kids that are 3ft tall?  Or any other issues?   Maybe I'm overthinking this.. perhaps there's a way to ensure everything from 2ft tall to 6ft tall is well lit, and there probably is, but I just can't find it on google, lol
I'm so confused and would like to read any suggestions or tips you may have on how I should proceed/
Thank you.
OH... and I have an optical trigger flash I can use behind subject for background if necessary.  I wasn't planning on lighting the background, but what do you think.. should I?

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