7iii front focus conclusion.

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BBQue wrote:

ATLshooter wrote:

BBQue wrote:

ATLshooter wrote:

So somehow, I literally did just get two faulty bodies.

You did - and that's what people here were trying to explain to you like 200 posts ago...

Congrats to your A7riii. Fabulous camera!

To be fair many people said the opposite. Many people flat out said it must be my settings, or my expectations, etc.

Many refused to believe there was anything wrong with the cameras at all. I didn't expect the moon. I simply demanded that the camera focused where you tell it to. Like every other camera I've ever had.

Yes, you were right from the beginning!

Trust me when I say it wasn't about being right.

I would have saved a LOT of time, money, and grief if it had been a simple issue with my settings, or something like that. I would have been extremely happy to come here, ask a question, and remedy my issue with the answers here. All I want is a working camera.

The whole topic started devolving when the focus was taken off the camera's problems and put onto me. Somehow, I was to blame for my receiving 2 broken cameras. Some people just took personal offense to the fact that I got two bad cameras so they had to convince themselves (and others) that I was the problem - not the equipment.

It's a moot point now. We know that there's *some* type of issue with those two bodies. I just somehow won the unlucky lottery by getting two bad ones in a row. I even ordered from two different places. So the affected cameras (if there are more) are spread out it seems. One from best buy and one from Adorama.

Anyway, the story ends there pretty much. I do hope I can get a 7iii at some point in the near future that works good though. They take incredible pictures in low light!

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