75mm Summicron vs Fuji 50mm F2

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75mm Summicron vs Fuji 50mm F2

Well, I am a little bit dumbfounded here and wonder if anyone can comment:

I own both the 75 Summicron and the Fuji 50mm F2 for an XT-2.

Upon doing some comparison shots I am finding that at best the Leica lens is maybe comparable to the Fuji lens, but more often the Fuji is looking sharper at the point of focus.

Here are a couple of comparison shots:

75 Summicron

50mm Fuji

The point of focus was the right eye on the doll on the left. Focusing with the Leica was done using the EVF, not the rangefinder. These are not out of camera JPGs but rather RAW files opened in Photoshop and saved as JPGs. While they look very similar and possibly indistinguishable online, when magnified on my monitor the Fuji lens clearly looks sharper on that eye. This would normally not bother me as it is just one example but the thing is, this is fairly consistent. One image after another, they either look too close to call or the Fuji just looks sharper. Quite frankly, I am wondering why I spent almost $4000 on a lens when a $500 one using an APS-C sensor gives me pretty much the same or better results.

By the way, this is not the first 75 Summicron I have shot with. Two others have appeared pretty much consistent with this one. My M10 was recently calibrated by Leica and I don't seem to have much of an issue at all with other lenses (21, 28, 35, 50).

Just an honest question over this...anyone else ever compare both lenses and seen similar results?

Makes me wonder whether the Fuji is just a remarkable lens, or if the Summicron is just an overrated lens.

Leica M10
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