7iii front focus conclusion.

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Re: 7iii front focus conclusion.

ATLshooter wrote:

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vett93 wrote:

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dkeller wrote:

I think it is obvious that you did. I believe you should send me one of those worthless bodies as I need a nice looking paperweight.

As for your own problem, probably a return to a SLT or SLT camera would give you the front/back focus issues that used to be so much fun playing with micro adjustments to remove.

I just never truly believed that out all of the bodies out there, I got two in a row that were bad. But at this point there's no other conclusion.

The 7riii puts focus literally EXACTLY where I tell it to.

Good work! This was the first time that I heard about a bad Sony camera body.

Maybe you can post a photo of using A7RIII and include settings?

What I meant to say was regarding Eye AF testing. Can you please do a close-up Eye AF using AFC and F1.8, and see if the nose is in focus instead?

Sure! Replicated the 7iii shots, and focus is right on the iris. Closer, same thing. Further away, same thing. It just grabs the eye correctly, like my 6500.

Thank you! That is sharp Eye AF indeed!

I have not used my A7RIII a lot yet. But I have on my A7RII and A6500. I also had A7II and A6000. With my copy of A7RIII, I have found the AF-C Eye-AF works the best with Face Detect off. With Face Detect on, it sometimes focuses at the nose.

If you can verify/reject that with your A7RIII, it would be very helpful. Since you have demonstrated a lot of good testings with your Sony gears. Your results will be trusted.

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