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Re: Fundamentals

Thoughts R Us wrote:

Excellent point. But reviewers don't care about the fundamentals since they don't make for exciting reviews and keep them in business. Reviewers love gadgety type features because they indeed are good for business. To most reviewers, Sony is like candy to a baby.

As someone who has been professionally reviewing photographic equipment for a few publications (print or online, or a combination of the two)  since 2003 I can tell you that I and the other reviewers I know (and respect)  care very much about fundamentals and if those are lacking or weak, fair criticism is leveled,

Reviewers wouldn't have much to write about if the focused on those points you mentioned, since the rankings in those areas don't change very frequently.

You'd be surprised, but the truth is that by 2018 most of the major manufacturers have pretty much worked the basic flaws in their systems, but every now and then - well you'd be surprised. An example:  Godox, the electronic flash manufacturer has yet to get their stand mounts right on their monolights.

Also reviewers do not use the gear the way that real consumers do. They use it for a short period of time, and then move on to the next new item.

Sometimes that is true  and it isn't because I am only interested in a quick and shallow review cut from a template but because, well,  the  gear is new and there are deadlines to meet. Nevertheless I'll try to stretch out the period of using the gear as long as possible and to use it in "real world" situations. Of course  as as someone who is also a working advertising , corporate, editorial, and industrial photographer my "real world" usage is likely to be very different from many forum dwellers.

For instance I don't shoot airshows, fashion, or glamour portraits,  I have never  shot boudoir, the last time I shot nudes was in college,  and I don't often shoot wildlife,. On the other hand I do make portraits of executives and real world people; I shoot in factories and offices and in studio setups

So it's more difficult for them to do gauge reliability and dependability. However, they could at least try, like that one site where they simply used a backyard water hose to judge weather sealing. Predictably, the only brand that didn't hold up was the Sony.

Bottom line: because of the nature of reviews vs real world usage, the reviews should not be used as the best measure of a camera.

Perhaps not, and it is good to be skeptical. And as the saying goes "all flaws become obvious when seen by 10,000 pairs of eyes," but by reading multiple reviews from trusted sites (imaging-resource.com and dpreview.com's actual reviews for example) and staying away from "fanboy" youtube reviews and blogs where the goal seems to be to justify how they spent their money, you get a pretty good baseline.

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