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Re: Impossible?

Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

Regarding the shot you claim was impossible without Eye AF:

  • Most of your shots have her head in the same general area of the frame, so your AF point would have already been there.
  • At the distances you were working focus/recompose would have absolutely worked.
  • In that shot the face and chest are both in focus. So even leaving the AF point near the center would have worked in this case.

I don't doubt that eye AF is useful. But I do hate hyperbole. People have been nailing unexpected "model relaxing" shots since before AF.

Side note: all the shots are nice, so I hate to make this critique, but...I can't stand Sony's color science. Sony color is simply a "film" I can't get used to.

I bet you use Adobe stuff ... because PP software plays at least 50% into the final results, and the default Adobe color profiles are crap. So if you want to call this "color science", then go ahead, I wouldn't be so bold with the phrasing.

In return, it seems someone at Adobe has figured out that their camera/color profile stuff is crap and they start shifting their focus and also the PP approach with the latest releases. Whether that also implies having better default profiles remains to be seen, because they have to play catch up big time in that regard.

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