What are good batteries and charger for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80?

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What are good batteries and charger for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80?

After I few times ran out of battery just in time, when I needed the camera the most,... in the best moments,... I have decided to purchase extra battery (or more).

But, I also don't like to charge my GX80 with USB, as the compartment for USB seems easy to break,...

From what I found. Panasonic battery DMW-BLG10E costs 55€, and Panasonic charger costs 30€. When going Panasonic-only way, two batteries and a charger cost 140€ in total,...

I found also Jupio Kit (2x battery Jupio DMW-BLG10 + USB Duo Charger) for 75€, in eshop from my country.

Also, on Aliexpress I found cheap solutions from brands like: Batmax, DuraPro, DSTE, Probty, Tectra, powertrust,...

I don't like to spend 140€ just on batteries and charger. On the other hand, I've got following concerns with non Panasonic solutions:

  1. safety: I really wouldn't like my camera or battery to go on fire, or explode!
  2. longevity: I heard/read non-official batteries tend to wear off very quickly, and lose capacity in quite short time,...
  3. stability: I heard/read non-official batteries don't hold voltage very well,... but, with more spare batteries, this shouldn't matter too much.

Which non-Panasonic brands are trustworthy? My main concern is really safety, and also longevity,... I wouldn't like to spend more and more money on battery, which would lose capacity after a month or two,.... or even explode and cause lots of damage,...!

Also, if there are high quality non-Panasonic batteries and charger. How would I know, that seller on Aliexpress sells real batteries from non-Panasonic brands, and not just fake copies of non-Panasonic brands?

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