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NoNayNever wrote:

Hi everyone,

First of all I'm brand new to Sony gear. I have agreed to be the photographer at the wedding of my wife's friend in 9 months time. I'm mainly a landscape photographer and it's going to be my first wedding shoot, as well as using a new brand in Sony (no pressure, then!)

So I'll get to my point. Which lenses would you recommend? I'm currently waiting for delivery of the Sony A7III and at this rate the wedding will arrive before the camera. I have a budget of around £2,500 for new glass. I know I'm going to need decent low light capabilities. So far I'm thinking the 24-70 G Master and the 55 1.8 Zeiss. Once the camera arrives I imagine I'll have around 7 months to practice and hopefully give them some half decent shots (again, no pressure!)

Any help would be appreciated.


I'm not a fan of zooms for weddings. It just loses the magic.

#1 priority is a good 35mm such as the Sony Zeiss 35/1.4 or the Sigma for shooting pretty much everything.

#2 priority is a good portrait lens for the ... wedding portraits. The Sony FE 85/1.8 goes a long way for this purpose.

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