1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

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Re: 1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

Thoughts R Us wrote:

PJC Imagery wrote:

Wow, you need to rethink or at least think before you speak/post. Let me explain myself in real simple terms.

It's very simple, I want another FF camera and I want to use my 6D as a backup. I need a FF BACKUP.

My 6D works fine, heck my ae-1 still works fine but I don't want to go out and shoot weddings with it, at this time.

I'd like to get something BETTER than I currently have. It's called progress, I guess it's a term Canon and you just don't understand.

Canon at this time isn't offering anything I'd feel good about buying, so I may have to look elsewhere.

According to your rational I should still be shooting with my ae-1 since it still works. Peace!

I actually understand where you are coming from...I love technology as well and one of the joys of using a camera is enjoying the technological innovation.

However, I would suggest that you have been given a wrong perspective on the latest Canon gear. Try out a 6D II; perhaps rent one. I think you will find it a big upgrade to the 6D in terms of AF, Dual Pixel AF, touchscreen, etc. Even the much maligned sensor produces great results, from what I have seen.

There's one guy on this forum who used the larger Canon's in the past but with age has switched to the 6D II for size and weight considerations, and he produces great results with it. It's not chopped liver.

If you want to spend the extra money, definitely consider the 5D IV. It will be a huge upgrade to your 6D and you will thoroughly enjoy it.

There's this brainwashing that's gone on in these Internet forums and reviews that makes it seem like Canon offers nothing in the way of technology. Far from it: Canon offers world class products. There is a reason why most pro's use Canon.

I'm sure the 6D2 is a good camera but it does nothing that my 6D doesn't do accept offer a touch flip screen, a couple more mega pixels, and a couple more auto focus points.  I had a chance to handle and take a couple of pics with a 6D2, all I could say is I like the flip screen.

All the reviews and all the sensor and focus testing indicate as much.  1 card slot; same iso ratings, same dynamic range ratings, same sync speed, same 4000/1 sec shutter, same weather sealing, same old camera after 5 years.

Now I don't buy into all the hype of reviews but I do use them as a starting point whenever I'm buying a new product over $500.  After I read the standard camera reviews like dpreview, I read the readers reviews and the discussions forums and watch videos of the product in use.

I've done all that with the 6D2 just as I've done with most of my other cameras.

My conclusion is why I'm on this forum.  The 6D2 should have been called the 6D1.3 not an upgrade and Canon should have released it as such.  Just my opinion, but I'm entitled to it.  Peace!

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