What do you mean by fuji having better colors?

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Re: What do you mean by fuji having better colors?

only one way to find out is rent the camera or figure a way to do your own comparison.

If you shoot RAW any camera does great.

JPEG's with Nikon look good on par with Fuji but are we talking full frame like Sony that you are talking about, sensor size can matter.

What lens is mounted even in Nikon they have better lenses and ok lenses.

This is all before getting to the vision of the photographer AND how the image is edited.

*On the surface with minimal stuff done Fuji looks better to me than Sony.  Nikon looks better to be than Sony and is on par with Fuji.   I am not a Canon shooter so I cant say there. Never cared for Canon DSLR's/SLR's

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