Pay Facebook to opt out of data used for targeted ads?!?!

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Re: Pay Facebook to opt out of data used for targeted ads?!?!

WryCuda wrote:

What my contribution did say was that I was informed enough, even 10 years ago, to spot a scam. I'm also considering the possibility that you are the Bent Christian.

Seeing as we can't even agree on his name, seems improbable. But par for your course in this thread.

You're also a bit confused as to what a scam is.

Well, a site that's advertised as "Free and always will be" and then accumulates and sells your personal details...

Did anyone lose money?   Every 'free' services on the globe does the above - grocery store cards, most of the ISPs, most web sites.    They are not scams.   They may be privacy or contract violations.   Not the same.

Always amusing how much time supposed non FB users spend talking about not using FB, as if it is the devil and everything else is pristine.   (and you can substitute Apple and Google and MS for FB in that sentence)

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