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American End-Users

First off, I’ll start by saying I’m an American. Second, I’m a late-middle age digital/electronics end-user. I’m not a programmer, I don’t write code, I’m not an electronics engineer. I enjoy the technology that gifted people have blessed this world with.

My question is, when it comes to personal digital “widgets”, why do most Americans pick iPhone versus Galaxy, Canon (Rebel) versus Nikon (D3300/D3400), when there are so many other great choices in smartphones and cameras?

My brother-in-law recently asked me which camera I thought he should buy, the Canon Rebel or the red (gasp!) Nikon D3300, both of them with the two kit lenses. My answer was a question: “Have you looked at the great options from Panasonic, Olympus or Sony?” He said no, and already made up his mind on the Canon/Nikon. (He bought the ghastly red Nikon).

I have blue-collar customers who are rough on their phones. Invariably, they will go to the AT&T store for a fragile Galaxy S8 phone to replace the S7 they dropped on the concrete at the worksite. Two days later their S8 has a shattered screen, even in some instances with a protective case on the phone. It doesn’t occur to them maybe they should be looking at a Caterpillar work phone.

At touristy locations I see European and Asian tourists toting Panasonic and Olympus cameras. The Americans not exclusively using iPhones and Galaxy phones are hauling Canon/Nikon DSLRs.

In this country it is as if few Americans have ever heard of Huawei, Olympus, ZTE, Alcatel, Fuji, LG, HTC, Panasonic, etc. When it comes to phones and cams, there are only four brands Americans think of: Apple, Samsung, Canon and Nikon. Yes, these four companies market their products better than the others in the USA.

I can’t believe how many people I know have no idea they can order an unlocked GSM Motorola phone online and completely avoid the brick and mortar phone store altogether.

I have a theory about American end-users: when it comes to looking at their options in personal electronics, most of them are just plain lazy. They pick the low-hanging fruit.

Your thoughts?

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