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Re: Fundamentals

Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

Sony is simply blowing it on the fundamentals. Factors that played into my recent decision to stick with Canon DSLRs (including major lens upgrades which means I'm committing to the system for the long run, not just buying a body):

  • Lens selection and quality.
  • Build quality and weather sealing.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Color science.
  • Sensor artifacts and/or flare. Every generation of Sony FF mirrorless has exhibited some issue. I can't think of a Canon I've owned which had any such issues.
  • Overall reliability of features and performance.

Sure I would like IBIS, extended shadow latitude, and some of the cool new toys on a Sony A7r III. But not at the expense of any of those bullet points.

That is not to say that Sony is bad or that you cannot make stunning images with Sony. Simply that the hype does not match reality. There are still major trade offs with Sony. And my guess at this point is that both Canon and Nikon will introduce their FF mirrorless systems before Sony resolves some of those trade offs.

Excellent point.  But reviewers don't care about the fundamentals since they don't make for exciting reviews and keep them in business.  Reviewers love gadgety type features because they indeed are good for business.  To most reviewers, Sony is like candy to a baby.

Reviewers wouldn't have much to write about if the focused on those points you mentioned, since the rankings in those areas don't change very frequently.

Also reviewers do not use the gear the way that real consumers do.  They use it for a short period of time, and then move on to the next new item.  So it's more difficult for them to do gauge reliability and dependability.   However, they could at least try,  like that one site where they simply used a backyard water hose to judge weather sealing.  Predictably, the only brand that didn't hold up was the Sony.

Bottom line: because of the nature of reviews vs real world usage, the reviews should not be used as the best measure of a camera.

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