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Re: Sony Fans Must Shoot w/o Lens

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Don't forget that the A7iii is a lightweight and small body, barely larger than a G7X or RX100. That is one of the advantages of mirrorless.

This is one fallacy that has been exposed on this forum and others over and over again by now. One cannot just consider the camera body, but also the size/weight of the lenses.

It is physics that tells us that the size of the lens is dictated by the size of the sensor it has to cover. Thus FF lenses for a Sony mirrorless are really not smaller than FF lenses for a Canon FF dslr, and in some cases may be a bit larger to compensate for the shorter flange distance of the Sony body.

And unless one can violate the laws of physics this is not going to change. Now before anyone cites the small size of Leica lenses for their FF M series, I will point out that the reason they are so small is due to lack of AF. Ironically Leica came out with their FF SL mirrorless with AF, and guess what: the lenses are just as large as the lenses for Canon and other FF dslr's. So don't even go there.

Once one takes into account lens size/weight, then most of any weight advantage disappears. In fact, with longer lenses, I and many others appreciate the better balance that the larger Canon dslr's provide.

So when someone cites how much smaller that Sony mirrorless is, just smile and know it's just one more bogus argument of the Sony trap.

You may say that, but when you handhold a 1DXII with a lens attached for 7+ hours and then feel the size difference of the same lens with a Sony body and slightly less weight, it does make a difference. Yes, that balance is also different, but that can also make holding the weight less strenuous.

To each their own.

Would switching to a lighter Canon FF body help, such as the 6D or 5D Mark IV?  I agree with you about the weight issue.  I would not want to have another 1D body or battery grips for the precise reason.

My reasons for getting a Sony A7III, not upgrading to it, are the IBIS for my non-IS Canon lenses and better DR at low ISO settings but Canon might surprise us with something equally shocking.

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