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Re: Canon is Substance; Sony is Hype

sportyaccordy wrote:

Menus come with time and in any case after initial setup you don't need to access them much any way. How often do you menu dive with Canon?

I'm a pretty technical shooter. I didn't read a book or take a class that told me what I should or shouldn't do, so maybe you're different and that's fine. No right or wrong here.

I check my menu settings every time I shoot, and often adjust during the shoot. The big one is flash shooting: Canon gives you full control over your flash from the camera's menu, even if you have three or more radio-triggered strobes. So in flash photography, I constantly use the menu. Other times, I want to use the HDR or multiple exposure feature, I turn the blinkies on and off, I change the Beep and Review settings depending on the environment, I tweak my AF tracking depending on what I'm shooting... so, yeah, there's a lot. Canon has a Custom Menu feature, which lets me put my commonly-used items into one Custom Menu. The Q Screen and the touchscreen help a lot.

The Canon 5D Mark IV is the very best camera there is. For me. But I'm not you.

I'm sure if we met on the street taking photos, we'd have a great time talking about how cool our cameras are, and I'd show you my Canon stuff and you'd show me your cool Sony stuff and it would be a blast. I don't need to put down anybody's camera just to feel good about my photography. I have my photos for that. I'm certain there are people with cheap, ten year-old cameras who take better photos than I do.

Here, my friend, is one of my photos. I'd rather show off a photo than my camera. My camera has its logo covered in electrical tape.

Shot with a "who cares what I shoot with"

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