1 j5 with 2x Kenko teleconverter

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1 j5 with 2x Kenko teleconverter

nikon 1 j5 + FT1 + kenko teleconverter + nikon af-p 70-300mm w/ jjc hood

I found this teleconverter for pretty cheap on ebay and I figured I'd try it - assuming it probably wouldn't work on the FT1, and I'd probably have to return it or use it on something else.

It turns out it does work! Nothing I have is fast enough for autofocus to work (unsurprisingly), but it does try to focus, so I bet it would work if you put a fast lens on it.

I've only had it since last night, and I was very busy last night, so I haven't been able to take it out in daylight and really test it - but I have been able to test functionality a little bit on some lenses.

I'm assuming in further testing I'll find that I lose some sharpness, but my thought is, this is a tiny little light-weight thing I can put in the side pocket of my little camera bag, and if I can't get close enough with the af-p 70-300 vr, I can stick this on and manual focus.

AF 70-300:
This one's interesting, because if I put the lens straight on the FT1 adapter, the camera won't let you shoot in S and puts up a message saying it can't adjust the aperture. But if you put it on the teleconverter, it does work, and you can adjust the aperture from the camera.

AF-P 70-300 vr, AF-S 55-300 vr, AF-S 18-200 vr (first gen)
Aperture and stabilization works, it tries to autofocus but obviously can't.

I was really expecting manual focusing to not work with the AF-P 70-300, due to it being all electronically controlled rather than mechanical (I think?) but it worked just fine.

two quick sample images:

Closeup of flowers with af-p 70-300 vr on the teleconverter at max zoom, wide open - straight out of camera

The same image, with light processing in camera raw

Another image at max zoom with the teleconverter on the af-p 70-300 vr, this one in lowish light at 1/10 - stabilization is adequate.

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Nikon 1 J5
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