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Re: Canon is Substance; Sony is Hype

The Davinator wrote:

Ryanide wrote:

This highlights one of the problems with the argument for switching to Sony: for most it's not grounded in any good reality, but it's just reacting to the hype. Sony is good at manufacturing hype based on spec sheets, and this is one more component of the Sony trap.

Reviewers fall for it, because their job depends on having something to hype, and that depends on new equipment with long spec sheets.

I don't blame the consumers; that's the way it's always been. Most people buy anything or everything based on emotion and perception, not facts and reason...it's just the way it is. But before one invests a lot of money into any camera system one should be careful.

I wonder if this person has even touched any of the Sony cameras? Because these cameras are not 'just good on spec sheets' once you shoot with them and see the images on screen. The detail and quality in the a7RIII is astonishing.

I have. I hated the ergonomics and menus. With a heavy lens, the system seemed unbalanced compared to Canon or Nikon pro bodies....where despite the overwhelming weight difference...in your opinion....of a couple hundred grams, I could not picture carrying the Sony around all day for a eedding.

The 42mp may be astonishing...but for most uses, isn't really much of a benefit. In fact, for many uses, it is a detriment. I rarely used my D800 for weddings as 36mp was just overkill.

Menus come with time and in any case after initial setup you don't need to access them much any way. How often do you menu dive with Canon? Most Sony functions can be accessed through the Fn button or custom keys.

Ergonomics are subjective but I've found a huge help to be the grip extender. I even did a review:

With this, my whole palm is able to make contact which goes a long way to help with comfort. Now obviously if the button layout doesn't work for you it doesn't work, but even with that grip extender it's a long way from a 1Dx or even a 5D4 while still being comfortable with 900g+ lenses.

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