Sony A7III Wedding photography advice

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Re: Sony A7III Wedding photography advice

BarnesPhotoInVT wrote:

24-70 GM, and 85 1.8 FE for sure.

Edit: I should note that includes lenses currently out that are available for purchase. The Above poster noted the Tamron 28-75 2.8. Which may well be awesome, and affordable, lighter weight and allow you to get an additional lens. However, its not in any reviewers hands yet and hasn't even had a price released so I'm not going to include it. In the next 9 months there very well may be even more Tamron lenses and maybe even some Sigma zooms. Who can predict!

He said the wedding was in 9 months, so I figured including (good) lenses that will be available within a month or two should be fine. The Sigma is a known quantity, it's just a mount change, and Tamron has a recent record of quality lenses, so I expect them to hit this out of the park. I love my 24-70, but what this is doing (on a budget) is trading 4mm at the wide end for a 35 1.4! Not bad.

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