1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

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Re: Canon Rumors says...

Rick Knepper wrote:

Ryanide wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:


You may have jumped the gun.

I will happily buy a Canon FF Mirrorless once it is available and has been tested to be as good or better than the Sony's Sensor and AF performance. In the mean time, I'm going to stick to the a7RIII.

I couldn't tell whether you had actually made the move and whether that involved complementing your Canon camera or switching cameras.

Over the years, I have purchased other brands to complement my Canon gear but I never switched bodies/brands completely. Currently, I own two cameras with Sony sensors rated slightly better at base ISO then the A7III and at least one of them significantly better at high ISO according to Bill Claff's PDR charts. I am saying this only because I have personally found the DR comes in handy just occasionally in my landscape shooting. Also according to Bill Claff's PDR charts, the 1DX II lags behind the A7III at base ISO by 1 stop but runs virtually neck and neck after ISO 200. Did you consult these numbers before making the move?

I bought my 2nd MF camera to reduce weight/size so I can understand that motivation and now that I've used a decent mirrorless camera, I can understand that motivation. Are we saying that an A7III's AF outperforms the 1DX II's AF?

I found this to be an interesting comparison between the A9, 1DX2 and D5. Consequently, I doubt if the A7 lll can outperform the 1DX ll AF.


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